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Hello World

Hello World,

My name is Pankti, ohh, ohk, Hi, so what am I doing here that might be the next question? Well I am about to set myself off in to this magnificent and ever changing world of fashion. Well, I am no fashion expert like Garance DorĂ©, Jane Aldridge or Mimi Ikonn (my inspiration and fellow Canadian blogger) as of yet but I sure aspire to be one.  I am a biology student who has just finished her majoring in environmental and toxicology. I have two choice ahead of me get a master’s degree and make myself a great career in a field that I don’t enjoy. Ohk, so you don’t enjoy Science than why did you take it up in the first place? Fair question, well I took it up because of family value, because my parents wanted me to be Doctor or Pharmacist or something like that. Definitely my parents are proud of me for following family tradition and pursuing a science field. But, what about my happiness, well my happiness lies in fashion world, cooking up some new recipes in my kitchen, doing some DIY projects. I enjoy the gilts and glamour of fashion, those sparkly shorts paired with basic T-shirt, those classy heels with LBD. So I am taking this chance to pursue a career that brings me joy. It may take me somewhere or it may not but hey, I can still say I tried doing something for myself.  So here I am sharing my two cent of fashion, blogging about my experiences along the way and also sharing recipes of some delicious goodies that I might be cooking up. So here I am raising a toast to me, Vogue and all my beautiful reader.


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